Slight Fever Syndrome Complete [18+]

Slight Fever Syndrome Complete [18+]

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Warning! Absolutely Not For Children! Episode 1- Miss Mizuki, the beautiful nurse at a private junior college, has a knack for getting into sticky situations. Whether she is demonstrating sexual postions, consoling lonely female students, or experimenting with fetishism on the ohte faculty, she doesn't get much downtime. She's a nurse who is definitely not afraid of taking a hands-on approach with her patients. Episode 2- Miss Mizuki works at a private college, counseling students and teachers alike on their love lives. With student after student explaining their secret passions and erotic escapades, nurse Mizuki has a hard time controlling her own desires. It just provesthat there are lessons in life that tuition can't buy! For ages 18 and up. Languages: English dubbed, Japanese language with English subtitles.


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