Hiding / Victim, the / Beneath the Dark

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Triple bill of horror movies. 'Hiding' (2012) stars Ana Villafañe as a young woman attempting to begin a new life following the brutal murder of her parents. Taken into the care of a witness protection programme, a new identity is established for Jo (Villafañe) in Montana and she leaves her home in New York and her past life behind. Unfortunately, when a man known as Mr Ostrog (Dean Armstrong) appears and begins to take an interest in her, Jo could be forgiven for thinking that the protection programme has failed to keep her identity safe from the man she is due to testify against. In 'The Victim' (2011) Annie (Jennifer Blanc)'s camping trip with her friend, Mary (Danielle Harris), goes disastrously wrong when Mary is savagely attacked and Annie witnesses her murder. As she flees through the woods from pursuers Harrison (Ryan Honey) and Cooger (Denny Kirkwood), Annie comes across a small cabin inhabited by the loner Kyle (Michael Biehn), but will he help her or hinder her? 'Beneath the Dark' (2010) is a psychological thriller from first-time director Chad Feehan. Driving through the Mojave Desert on their way to the wedding of an old college friend, Paul and Adrienne (Josh Stewart and Jamie-Lynn Sigler) stop for the night at Roy's Motel. Confronted by a surreal atmosphere and their equally strange hosts, Frank and Sandy (Chris Browning and Angela Featherstone), Paul begins to feel uneasy about his new surroundings and wonders what lies in store for them.


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